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Feeder become the protagonist of the plastics machinery indu

  Feeder become the protagonist of the plastics machinery industry
  Born on the feeder to solve the job originally performed by hand, greatly improved work efficiency, the liberation of the human. Thus promoting the rapid development of China's plastics machinery industry has become an integral part of the plastic machinery industry machinery and equipment. Feeder various types of PET bottle specialized peel (or flattened bottle) trademark paper packaging design, and can be washed outside with sediment contamination, PET bottle material is crushed and cleaned before further steps necessary for the ideal auxiliary one of the devices. Mainly to meet PET PET bottle washing line off label section and PET bottle recycling PET bottles off the field label production needs. Successful development of this product, completely changed in the past by artificial status quo off the label, while greatly improving production efficiency, reduce labor intensity, and will produce good economic and social benefits.
  The reality of finding a suitable feeding machine
  1, starting from their own, think about the whole idea of ​​your bottle of glue or set targets. If the standard is set, there are many on the market now that you can select the feeding machine, if it is the whole stick-type immersion recommend that you use high-temperature method is better.
  2, anti fooled, we buy on the feeder, a lot of businesses that care model up to 95%, that is impossible, according to test results after a packer pressure off the bottle, impossible to have such an effect You can throughout the entire apparatus such as the international market or the market is almost nonexistent.
  3, field trials, your best when choosing a pet feeder, bring samples to (especially if you want to put into production is ice tea, ice tea and other beverage bottles Away subject), carried off the field labeled verification, seeing real.
  Do routine maintenance on the feeder, to better serve the business
  1, regular check on the feeder pipeline leaks and tighten fasteners condition.
  2, regular inspection of the oil filter or fillers, timely cleaning and replacement, always pay attention to whether oil contamination and deterioration. When the hydraulic oil becomes dark brown odor is oxidative deterioration of the performance of the hydraulic oil should be updated as soon as possible; When the hydraulic oil has tiny black or transparent highlights, description or metal powder mixed with impurities should be filtered or oil change .
  3, always check the safety devices on the feeder is normal effective, especially after changing the mold machinery to check whether the insurance have been adjusted accordingly. Regularly check the ground connection and aging electrical components insulation and wires.
  4, screw, barrel and other important parts of maintenance required to the specification requirements.
  5, regular checks on the feeder lubrication pump tank and fuel tank base adequacy. Check the lubrication system reliability, according to the provisions of the moving parts lubricated.
  6, cooler every 5 to 10 months of work required carbon tetrachloride solution soak cleaning.
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