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PVC Pipe Production Line Features

PVC pipe production line first PVC stabilizers, plasticizers, antioxidants, and other accessories, pro rata, the process through the plastic feeder has joined the high-speed mixer or vertical feeder on the inside, through the materials and machinery from the friction causes the material to heat up the process temperature is set, then the material was cooled down to 40-50 degrees machine; thus be added to the inside of the hopper of the extruder. Then the machine is equipped with dosing device, so the extrusion volume and feeding quantity can be matched accordingly to ensure stable extrusion products. PPR pipe production line operating mode of the same, but with the PPR stabilizer stabilizer.
Due to the characteristics of the spiral feeder, the feed section having a relatively large diameter, the material and the shear rate of the heat transfer area is relatively large, the material in favor of the plasticizing effect, small diameter metering section of the screw, reducing the heat transfer area and the melt shear rate, the melt can be extruded at lower temperatures. When rotation of the screw barrel, the nose into the plasticized PVC mixture, so as to achieve compaction, melt-kneading a homogenizer; exhaust and achieve dewatering purposes. PVC pipe production line feeding device and screw drive frequency control, enabling synchronous speed. Extrusion die part: After compaction, melt-kneading homogenized PVC, with a subsequent screw into the material through the die, the extrusion molding die is closed pipe construction parts.
Vacuum sizing tank on stereotypes for pipes, cooling, vacuum system and water system for the vacuum calibration tank equipped with stereotypes and cooled, stainless steel cabinet, circulating water spray cooling, vacuum sizing tank equipped with mobile devices and back and forth about the level of regulation manual device. Tractor for continuous, automatically cooled to harden lead pipe from the head office out of frequency control. Upon request by the stroke length of the control switch, the automatic cutting and turning frame delay, the implementation of water production, fixed cutter permanent switch signal to the instruction to complete the whole process of cutting, the cutting process in sync with the pipe run, PVC pipe production line cutting process is done by electric and pneumatic driven, cutting machine is equipped with vacuum devices, debris will be sucked out of the cutting to produce timely and recycling. Stacker stacker action by the cylinder through a pneumatic control to achieve, stirring set a limit device, when cutting saws cut pipe, tubing conveyed to continue, after the delay, the cylinder into the work to achieve stacker movement, reach unloading purposes. After unloading automatically reset after a few seconds delay, waiting for the next process cycle operation.
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