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Plastic Grinder

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Plastic Grinder

Product description:
  PVC plastic mill work part cutter. High-speed particles are crushed after impact tooth plate section, drawn by suction, while larger particles continue to impact, crush after the draw. This reduces the load on the cutter, improving milling efficiency, but also make the powder to obtain uniform cooling. 。
  Low temperature is a major advantage of PVC plastic mill. Press the mechanical equivalent of heat: After the hour for power converter 860 kilocalories. This machine is outside ventilation. Wind capacity 50m/KW by the inlet and outlet air temperature, most of the heat away. Little heat is solved by the water cooling. Requires cold water inlet temperature of not more than 25 ≧, outlet water temperature not greater than 45 ≧, an appropriate increase in summer cooling water to reduce the temperature.
The main technical parameters:
Uses and Features:
  Used in chemical medicine, food, dyes, additives, plastic (PVC) and so on.
  1, compact design, small size, low power consumption, high yield.
  2, simple knife with a fixed blade gap with manual adjustment, easy to control the powder size.
  3, tool replacement is simple, it can be re-knife grinding reused.
  4, the host is no wind, water cooling systems.