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HB-LJ FRP pultrusion production line

Purpose and Scope:
  HB-LJ FRP pultrusion production line is the latest development of the pultrusion equipment for continuous pultruded rod, pipe, special section shape profile, the production line has a compact structure, reasonable layout, reliable, easy to operate, easy maintenance features, is engaged in the work of the composite pultrusion equipment indispensable.
The main technical parameters:
Item Parameter Model HB-LJ2040
Max.Sectional Area mm 200×100
Line Speed m/min 1.2
Max.Tractive Force N 40000
Max.Gripping Force N 60000
Effecctive Extruding Length mm 4000
Motor Power kw 20.2
Appearance Size m 30×1.4×2
CZJ cutting mat machine
Purpose and Scope:
  CZJ cutting mat machine is HB-LJ FRP pultrusion production line auxiliary equipment, by damping discharge guide slitting, automatic winding of the wide glass fiber roll cut into narrow glass fiber to meet FRP pultrusion production line the glass fibers of different needs.
The main technical parameters:
Overall dimensions: 4000×1850×1120mm
Winding motor power: 1.5kw
Maximum rewinding diameter glass fiber mat: 500mm
BZT-2600 FRP doors Corner Table
  The group assembled at 45 ° angle table is mainly used fiberglass window profiles, but also to the general assembly at a 45 ° angle of plastic profiles. The main structure of chrome plated steel workbench install separate from, the corners of the mouth open with a screw fastening to ensure the accuracy of the assembly, and convenient to the corner of the joints.
  Reliable performance, easy operation, economical and durable, pneumatic drive, easy maintenance and so on.
The main technical parameters:
Working Pneumatic Pressure: 0.5-0.8Mpa
Air Consumption 120L/min
Mini.Size of Assembled Door & Window: 500×800(mm)
Max.Size of Assembled Door & Window: 1800×2600(mm)
Appearance Size: 2700×1750×1650(mm)
Weight: 500kg