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Vertical dewatering machine

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Vertical dewatering machine

Application features:
ĦĦĦĦThe plastic dewatering machine is suitable for plastic film, particulate matter cleaning, dehydration. High degree of dehydration, dehydration rate of more than 95% less power consumption, fast efficiency, high degree of automation, greatly reducing the labor intensity. Dehydration clean energy to wash the sand off the plastic particles and other small debris. Advanced production technology, easy to clean, low noise. Safe and all made ​​of stainless steel, durable. Machine consists of the following major components (spindle, spindle motor, a gate, a rotor blade, stainless steel mesh, cover, electrical boxes, feed hopper, feed motor, gear box, feed screw)
Technical parameters:
Type Dimensions
L * W * H
Rotor size (CM)
(Diameter X length)
Motor power (KW) Maximum speed
(R / MIN)
Processing capacity
(Particle debris)
(KG / H)
Water supply
(L / MIN)
Main Motor Feeding motor
GTV-V800 245*150*260 80*200 30 1.5 1550 1500-2500 40-80 2000
GTV-V630 225*125*190 63*150 22 1.5 1650 1000-2000 30-70 1650
GTV-V430A 195*85*190 43*150 11 1.1 1700 1000-2000 30-60 1400
GTV-V430B 195*85*158 43*120 7.5 1.1 1800 800-1500 20-50 1250
GTV-V320A 195*85*230 320*180 7.5 0.75 1800 800-1500 20-50 1100
GTV-V320B 175*85*170 32*120 7.5 0.75 1900 600-1200 20-40 900
Instructions for use:
First, the installation requirements:
1, the vertical dewatering machine must be placed on a smooth concrete basis depending on local circumstances.
2, drains placed in the ditch, but not rigid connection, remember locking anchor bolts.
3, installed the unit's power cord, usually three-phase four-wire, which line the other three wire is the ground wire for the power cord.
Second, the method of operation:
1, open front machine body check whether the debris, now start the spindle motor, the motor should be turned to the direction of the arrow, or (spindle turning consistent with arrows). The new machine is powered load running five minutes, and then enable the feed motor. If no abnormalities before feeding dehydration.
2, plastic dewatering machine is designed spindle motor must be started before starting feeding motor. Stripper avoid clogging during use, such as dehydration effect was found less than in the past, please turn off the power, open the cover, open the clogged sieve to remove the foreign body, and then reboot to use.
3, the machine due to high speed, the drive belt between the motor shaft and the phenomenon of long-term use has worn a gap, causing weakness or low speed spindle poor dehydration effect, then the motor must be out of adjustment bolt adjustment. Turn the belt tensioner to the normal effect.
4, stop dehydration, first into the hopper conveyor finished, some of the water injected into the wash bucket, and then close the feed motor, then close the spindle motor. To ensure that the machine clean.
Three: Note:
1, the scope of application of this equipment is broken pellets or flakes, can not put a slug or bulky materials in order to avoid the death machine card machine.
2, plastic dryer, vertical dryer, start before you use load one minute, no abnormal feeding to dehydration.
3, such as generating boot severe vibration or abnormal sound, immediately shut down or cut off the power, open the cover, and then remove the drying nets, checking whether the leaves fall off the spindle or a foreign body, if the shock can not be ruled out restarting the machine can not use, first check the reason for the party or notify maintenance, to avoid accidents.
4, on a regular basis to the spindle bearings, bearing feed, add butter, gear oil fill. Comprehensive inspection should be done after dewatering machine for six months.