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PVC pipe production line

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PVC pipe production line

Product description:
กกกก φ20-φ630, φ710-φ1000 Series PVC pipe production line is mainly used in the production of agricultural drainage, water supply and drainage , cable laying and other aspects of various diameters and wall thickness of plastic PVC pipe. The unit consists of conical twin- screw extruder, vacuum forming machine , traction machine, cutting machine, stacker and other components. Extruder and traction machine adopts imported AC inverter control devices , vacuum traction motors are of high quality products. Traction has two claws, three claws , four claws, six claws, octopus , ten feet, twelve claw traction . Saw cutting can be used or planetary , and the other with measuring and thickening of the device . Unit performance , reliable, high production efficiency.
The main technical parameters: